tropo-design is a modern architectural practice based in Chiang Mai, Thailand. The practice was founded by the licensed Swiss architect Robert Hupertz. The architecture of tropo-design is defined by the rational  Swiss upbringing combined with the experience of living in the tropical richness of Thailand for many years.

While the solutions are sometimes provocative, the understanding of clients wishes, functionality and sustainability of the project, as well as cost considerations are always at the core of the design.

We believe in working as a team with our clients, the authorities, contractors and consultants, to find optimum design solutions for our clients, while avoiding costly mistakes.

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Our firm applies the latest technology in order to allow clients to clearly visualize the end product during the planning and design phases. 
Archicad, the leading BIM (building information modelling) software is used for the creation of Presentations, 3D-walk through, drawings, schedules and energy analysis of the project. The model is represented in a single database, changes during the design development are therefore automatically updated in all documents related to the project, minimizing errors and omissions. The database can 

We are interested in all types of projects, from "Tree-House" to large Commercial Design.
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